727477 - Primera, X-Trail, Almera - 2.2L D Replacement Turbocharger


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Potential Overspeed Issues
We recommend changing the boost control valve on the engine when replacing the turbocharger (if it hasn't been replaced already), a faulty boost control valve can cause overspeed which pushes the turbocharger beyond its designed limits.

  • Makes:
  • Models:
    Primera, X-Trail, Almera, Almera Tino
  • BHPs:
    138, 136, 134
  • Sizes:
    2.2L D
  • Years:
    2003 - 2007
  • Engine:
    YD22DDTI, YD22DDTi
  • OEM:
    14411AW40A, 14411-AW400, 14411-AW400EP, 14411-AW40A, 14411AW400, 14411AW40AEP