Electronic Actuator Repairs

In addition to the repairs on the conventional vacuum and pressure type actuators, Midland Turbo also offer repairs on Electronic Actuators.


REA (Rotary Electronic Actuator) or SREA (Simple Rotary Electronic Actuators) consist of an electronic control box containing a motor and gearbox which are used to operate the VNT system through a linkage arm. Electronic Actuators bring added efficiency and better control of the turbocharger by reducing actuation time by a third in comparison to its pneumatic counterpart, this in turn helps improve engine performance, fuel efficiency and emissions control.

REA (Rotary Electronic Actuator)

Common Faults

With new technology sometimes new faults can arise, we are able to rectify these issues by using our in-depth understanding of turbochargers, the integrated electronics and the issues that can surface. We have repairs options and replacement actuators to remedy them.


Why Exchange?

The main faults usually associated with a faulty or damaged electronic actuator are power loss issues, this can be a complete loss of power due to a failed electronic component or an intermittent power issue.

Intermittent power issues can be caused by the VNT system in the turbocharger sticking, the vehicle will notice the electronic actuator isn’t operating the VNT and can put the vehicle into limp mode to avoid any damage to the components or engine.


Our Solution

We recommend allowing us to inspect your turbocharger and electronic component together, the reason for this is that most issues with Electronic Actuators stem from carbon build up issues in the turbo unit. 

Usually when your VNT starts to stick, the motor and nylon gearing inside the actuator will starts to wear due to the resistance against the components caused by carbon build up.

Our fix is to strip the electronic component down, replace worn parts like the motor and gearing, strengthen connections, set the component up and then fully check and test.
It is also possible to work on just the electronic component on its own, if you've been able to confirm that the electronic part is at fault and that the mechanical side is free and not sticking.

Exchange Re-Manufactured