Exchange Remanufactured

We offer a range of fully re-manufactured exchange turbochargers ready for next working day delivery, we build turbo units to the required specification for customers who need a quick turnaround. We also offer timed deliveries if necessary for as early as 10:30am next morning. All our exchange units come with a two year warranty with unlimited mileage.


What we offer

We take an already failed but serviceable old turbo unit and put it through our professional and thorough re-manufacturing process. The unit is fully stripped to its individual components, the damaged parts are scrapped and replaced accordingly, housings are inspected for wear and cracks, then the unit is fully built to the O.E's latest specification. The unit is then configured and balanced using our highly specialised machinery testing the core up to 250,000 R.P.M, the unit is now ready to be flow tested and then quality control tested. In preparation for dispatch, where available studs and gaskets are included, It is then packaged securely with fitting instructions and any relevant bulletins, all ready for collection or delivery.

Exchange Re-Manufactured
Why Exchange?

Why Exchange?

Having an exchange unit from ourselves means you're getting a product equivocal to that of an O.E new unit at a fraction of the cost, an exchange unit also means less time off the road, with turbos ready for next day delivery. With the correct servicing (using the correct type and grade of oil), maintenance we expect your re-manufactured turbo to last the lifetime of the vehicle, which is why we offer a two year unlimited mileage warranty on all our exchange units.

Build quality, twenty plus years of experience, great customer service and competitive prices are just a few reasons why purchasing a turbocharger from us is your best choice, if there's anything we can help you with, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Ordering is Easy...

Please take a look at the following steps below, these outline some simple steps to ensure ordering your replacement turbocharger is as easy as possible, if you have any issues, please contact us and we'll be happy to explain and/or guide you through our process.


Confirm your part number
The first step in ordering the correct turbocharger for your vehicle is confirming the turbochargers part number, this will ensure that the unit ordered will fit your vehicle. This number can be obtained by a few different methods, one is by contacting your main dealer and confirming your number but the most reliable is by finding the number on the unit itself.


Place your order
You can either contact one of our friendly and helpful members of staff on: 0115 975 2458 or use your part number to search our website, you will be able to confirm availability and pricing from there. If the item is in stock and for customers living in UK mainland, the exchange turbo could be available for a free next working day delivery.


Fit your turbocharger
We recommend having your turbocharger fitted at a reputable garage, fitting instructions are also provided. It is of paramount importance that the reason for failure is ascertained, this is something we offer as part of our repair service, however for customers ordering units on an exchange basis, we suggest the mechanics investigate the vehicle to ensure no pipes are blocked, and that any underlying issues are resolved.


Returning the Exchange unit
This is the easiest step, place the old unit in the polythene bag provided and re-package or use the box supplied, please then contact us and we will arrange a free courier collection of the unit. Customers ordering an exchange will not be surcharged, providing the old unit is returned. Failure to return the turbocharger within 14 days could void your warranty and a £100 surcharge could retrospectively be applied.


Things to remember…

Before fitting your exchange turbocharger there are things to check. Your previous unit may have failed for a reason, reasons can include oil starvation, oil contamination, overspeed and impact damage, all of which can cause repeated failures if not addressed. Included with your exchange unit will be a set of fitting instructions, please follow them carefully to ensure a fully successful fitment.


    • Read all fitting literature, we provide fitting instructions and often bulletins with additional suggestions that can help with the fitting process.
    • Priming the turbocharger before fitting is important, you can either use our primer and or disconnect the fuel line and crank the engine over.
    • Check / change engine breather, on many vehicle applications customers may get smoking if their crank case breather is blocked, please rectify accordingly.
    • Stop hot shut downs. A shaft spinning at 250,000 R.P.M can take up to a minute or so to spool down, so avoid cutting your engine and oil supply off prematurely. We recommend letting your engine idle for at least 45 seconds before switching off, you can avoid damage to your turbocharger normally caused by oil starvation.
    • Ensure underlying issues are resolved, low oil pressure problems, blockages, bad oil etc..