Turbo Servicing

Not all turbochargers require replacements, we can often rebuild your turbocharger with our servicing option. By rebuilding your turbo we can restore your turbo back to original specification.

As part of the rebuild process, we strip, inspect, clean, replace all seals and bearings before rebuilding and then re-balancing your turbo unit. All our turbochargers are built either to or greater than O.E specification and are balanced using our VSR machines at speeds of over 250,000 RPM.

Sticking VNT

Sticking VNT

We find that many customers making use of our rebuild service have issues with sticking VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbine Assembly) often if a VNT type turbocharger becomes carbonised the "vanes" which are the flaps inside the turbocharger that regulate the exhausts gases in the turbine housing, this in-turn spools the shaft, the vanes are operated by the actuator. If the Nozzle Assembly sticks this can cause boost faults and give you an intermittent power issue. 


Passing Oil

A turbocharger with heavy carbon build up might also pass oil, this can be because the oil isn’t able to drain from the turbocharger correctly also if the piston ring area of the shaft is carboned, the deflector won't be able to guide the oil which lubricates the shaft back in to the drainage area. If your oil drain is blocked or your engine is breathing heavy, oil is often passed into the exhaust causing a smoking issue, its recommended replacing engine breathers and ensuring the drain is clear before re-fitting a turbocharger.

Passing Oil

Our Servicing Procedure


Collect & Inspect

Once the Turbocharger is off the vehicle and boxed securely, we can arrange for a free* collection of your unit. When it arrives with us we then strip and inspect it and contact you with our findings, providing it has no core damage, you will be eligible for a service rebuild option (alternatively see  Turbo Repairs.)


Rebuild & Replace

With your permission we will fully service and rebuild your turbocharger, this procedure includes a removal of carbon build up, a replacement of seals and bearings, reassembly of your turbo unit, a re-balance and a flow / quality control test. (Upgrades are also available on a range of turbochargers, see  Turbo Upgrades.)


Warrant & Dispatch

The turbo unit is now ready for dispatch, once payment is received the turbocharger is dispatched on a next working day* delivery. We warrant the item for two years with unlimited mileage. This process usually takes around 3 - 4 working days, bringing your unit in to us and picking it back up can reduce this time.


*Free collection and delivery applies to turbos having work done with us, should customers not want work doing they may be required to pay carriage fees.