Part Numbers Fitted: 9VA20, 079145704F, 079145704Q, 079145704R, 079145721B, 079145703F, 079145703Q, 079145703R, 079145722B

Please note Compressor Wheel sizes for this chra are
Inducer - 44.3mm
Exducer - 58.1mm

  • Fits Brand: n/a
  • Application: Not available
  • Model: n/a
  • Fits Turbos: 9VA20


Carriage is £15+V.A.T for mainland UK customers making use of our services. Timed next day and Saturday morning deliveries will be charged according to current rates.

For a full list of options and charges please refer to our deliveries page.

For Turbochargers ordered on Exchange basis please contact Midland Turbo when the old unit is ready for collection which is free of charge.


The receipt of information from the purchaser and the delivery by the Company of the goods specified in any order does not in any way imply a warranty that the goods will be suitable for the purposes disclosed. The only warranty which the Company makes in connection with the proprietary good supplied. Midland Turbo guarantees its reconditioned product against faulty workmanship and components for 24 months. The warranty agreement is between Midland Turbo and Midland Turbo's customer extending to the end user of the initial sale. If the vehicle or engine that the turbo is fitted to is subsequently sold, the warranty does not automatically pass to the new owner, to continue the warranty the seller must apply to Midland Turbo for consideration to transfer the warranty terms to the new owner.

Warranty is conditional on the vehicle being properly serviced according to the vehicle manufacturers recommendations, this includes using both the correct grade and type of oil.

It is important that the failure reason and all underlying issues are resolved before refitting, Midland Turbo cannot be held responsible for failures caused by external factors for example: oil starvation, oil contamination, overspeed, impact damage. These can be caused by issues such as a blocked oil feed pipe or a drop in oil pressure, particles entering the oil system, split boost pipes, damaged intercooler, worn injectors, a faulty EGR valve, blocked DPF, faulty boost control valve, hot shutdowns etc.

Warranty may be denied in the event of either the turbocharger or the engine being modified to increase power output.

In the event of any goods proving defective during the period of the warranty due to faulty material or workmanship the Company shall, at its option either supply replacement goods or repair such defective goods free of charge.

Save as provided herein all representations, conditions warranties and terms, whether express or implied by common law statute or otherwise, as to the quality condition or fitness for any purpose of the goods are excluded.

Other product, supplied by Midland Turbo from other manufacturers will carry the conditions of guarantee as specified by that manufacturers will carry the conditions of guarantee as specified by that manufacturer; available on request.


Audi A6 A7 A8 4.0TFSI BENTLEY 079145704F 9VA20 Turbocharger Cartridge CHRA 44/58

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